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Active Candy 黄金糖(一盒30颗)动力糖

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Active 黄金糖【一盒三十颗】动力糖


1 正品 現貨 ,快速发货 2 效果可達2-4天(依個人體質), 3 如有飲酒需間隔三小時以上, 4 起床空腹使用效果最好,。

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(Active) 1 Box 30 Candies

Packing Specifications:

How Fantastic Hamer and Active Candy can Greatly Benefit You? :

  1. Improve your Libido the way you've never felt before.
  2. It gives your Excellent Energy Levels, especially during stressful times, reduces Fatigue & Boosts Stamina.
  3. It helps correct Hormonal Imbalance.
  4. It helps in improving Blood Circulation.

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